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Tyre Repair

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TJM Tyre Repair Kit

 The TJM tyre repair kit is a vital kit for any 4WD offroad adventure.
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Kit includes:

  • Plastic case with solid alloy “T” handle
  • 1x Cord needle tool
  • 1x Tyre rasp replacement needle
  • allen key
  • trim tool
  • lubricant
  • 20x Repair cords
  • valve core tool
  • 4x replacement valves
  • pointy nose pliers
  • robust moulded storage case

TJM Tyre Replacement Cords – 20 Pack

20 Repair cords in pack: 867TJMTYRECO

Comprehensive Puncture Repair Kit

Tyrepliers Engineering is the manufacturer of innovative, quality manual tyre changing and repair equipment including tyre bead breakers, tyre levers, and tyre changing machines.
Since their inception in 1990, they have established a reputation for manufacturing excellence.
Their products are designed and manufactured tough… So tough that they offer a lifetime warranty on Tyrepliers®

Packaged in a durable, polycarbonate box. Components can be purchased separately.

The Tyrepliers bead breaker is suitable for use on all 13-19” rims (alloy and steel) – both safety and split type rims. Tyrepliers works directly on the bead of the tyre and will not damage the tyre if used correctly. The tool weighs only 2.7 kilograms, is compact enough to be easily stored in a vehicle or a tool kit and is easily transported.

The tyre levers are 19mm in diameter; are manufactured from high grade BHP steel, are hot forged and heat treated. The levers are forged on one end only as the other end, being 19mm in diameter, fits truck and four wheel drive wheel braces and truck load binders. This gives the lever the dual purpose of being able to be used as a universal bar. The lever is extremely strong and will not bend under normal use. The levers are zinc plated and then finished with a zinc blue.

The Second lever is forged both ends to allow removal and refitting of tyres. The spoon end of the lever is designed to remove the tyre whilst the hooked end is specifically designed to re-fit the tyre to the rim. The design of the re-fitting end prevents the tyre from creeping up the lever which can hinder the tyre going back over the rim. This is a real advantage when re-fitting the tyre, and makes the whole job much easier.

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Kit includes the following:

Tyre Repairs Made Easy instruction manual
10 x Tubeless Strings
1 x Reamer Handle
1 x String Insertion Handle
3 x Mini Tube Patches, 3 x Small Tube Patches, 3 x Medium Tube Patches, 3 x Large Patches, 1 Radial Patch, 1 Uni Patch
4 x 10cc Tube Vulcanising Cement
1 Rasp/Stitcher
1 Snap-in Tubeless Valve
1 3-way Value Tool
3 x Short Core Valve Caps
3 x Slotted Metal Valve Caps
1 x Blade, 1 x Marking Chalk

R&R Beadbreaker and Tyre refitting tool kit

Thanks to Wolfgang Bousler, a 75 year old engineer who in 1993 invented a manual operated tyre machine, which unlike its predecessors not only breaks the bead (seal) but more importantly refits the tyre back on to the rim.

This operation would refit tyre without resorting to the traditional form of a rubber mallet and brut force potentially damaging the bead of the tyre which would cause real problems when trying to re seal the tyre to the rim. Both operations require absolute minimum effort from the operator and are best done on a tailgate or camp table to allow operator keep straight giving much more control over the whole operation.

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Kit includes the following:

Tyre spreading attachment
2 x 600 mm tyre levers
43 piece tube & tubeless puncture kit
Heavy duty canvas carry bag
Written instructions and Instructional DVD

TravelMate Tyre Repair Kit

Black Widow Travel Mate™ Quick Seal tyre puncture repair kit is now available and is a must have 4WD essential on any trip. Featuring 30 cord plugs, and quality hand tools to complete the repair, it will see you safely home. Only quality components are used in the Quick Seal tyre repair kit.

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Kit includes the following:

  • 1 x Reaming tool
  • 1 x Insertion tool
  • 30 x 100mm cord plugs
  • 1 x Tub of lubricant
  • 2 x Allen keys
  • 1 x Pencil tyre pressure gauge
  • 1 x Valve core tool