T13 Outback Bar for the Toyota Hilux

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T13 Outback Bar for the Toyota Hilux

TJM’s Outback bar for the new Toyota Hilux incorporates a new high-flow grille system to ensure the latest generation Toyota powertrain receives as much air flow as possible while still maintaining ultimate strength in the event of an animal strike. The unique three piece design is made from high strength steel and finished with our world class powdercoat to maximise durability and the life of the product when encountering harsh conditions and usage.

TJM engineers spend countless hours perfecting the Outback design to ensure you’re equipped with one of the finest bull bars available in the market. TJM bull bars are put through a comprehensive design criteria and testing process to ensure that all TJM bars are air bag compatible and ADR compliant. So if you’re after a stylish bar with optimum performance – you can’t go past the TJM Outback bar.

Features and Benefits

› NEW 63mmø tubing
› Steel construction
› Innovative styling to complement the Hilux’s unique design
› Wing under guards and centre guard
› Full cato straps, uniquely styled to the vehicle for incredible strength and damage deflection
› Designed for optimal approach angle
› 8000KG rated recovery points as standard*
› Integrated LED fog lights (fog lights, wiring harness & switches included)
› Flush steel mounted LED combination lights with tough polycarbonate lenses
› Reinforced recovery jack points (suits the TJM recovery jack)
› Integrated winch mount (TJM recommends fitment up to TJM Torq 9,500lb cable and synthetic winches)
› The unique grille system hinges down from the sides to allow uninhibited access to the winch ends
› Accommodates large driving lights (up to Britax Xray Vision 220 series)
› Provision for fitment of dual aerials
› Airbag compatible and ADR compliant
› Does not void your new vehicle warranty
*Rated points rated to 8000kg in a straight line pull only when used with a 8000kg equaliser strap and 2 x 4.75T bow shackles

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