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Top Reasons To Buy A 12V Fridge (And What To Look For)

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just starting out, keeping your food and drinks cold during a camping trip is very important. Sure, if you’re just going for a day or two you can get by with an esky and plenty of ice, but if you’re heading out of town for longer than that, then [...]

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Top 5 Products You Should Buy For Your 4×4

If you’re an avid 4x4 enthusiast who loves adventures with family and friends, then you’ll know that there’s a legion of different 4x4 products and accessories that can make your trips safer and more comfortable. Where you’re headed will play a large role in the type of 4x4 products you’ll need, however there’s some 4x4 [...]

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T13 Outback Bar for the Toyota Hilux

TJM’s Outback bar for the new Toyota Hilux incorporates a new high-flow grille system to ensure the latest generation Toyota powertrain receives as much air flow as possible while still maintaining ultimate strength in the event of an animal strike. The unique three piece design is made from high strength steel and finished with our [...]

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TJM XGS Steering Damper

TJM has released a new innovation in cellular foam steering dampers. Available in a large 35mm bore that is known to perform well in all situations, even heavy duty use. The cellular foam prevents cavity build-up inside the damper giving it excellent performance and steering control. Specifications Big bore 35mm cellular foam for heavy duty [...]

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